Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A treasure was found in a 16th-century Hindu temple in southern India.

Indiana Jones is currently working on a plan to infiltrate the the temple and recover the lost treasure.

Hackers took control of a Fox.com twitter account and sent false tweets that president Barack Obama had been shot and killed.

Fox news apologized to followers and viewers for the tweets being false because they would of been thrilled if they were true.

Charlie Sheen has admitted that he used steroids while filming the 1989 movie "Major League."

He also admits to injecting heroin and executing a Vietnamese family while filming the 1986 movie “Platoon.”


Rangers pay record $5 million bonus to 16-year-old Nomar Mazara:

The NFL lockout I understand. The NBA lockout I understand. What I don’t understand, is how MLB is not in a lockout. I’m not picking on the Rangers. I am picking on the MLB. It’s common for MLB teams to throw money at unproven teenagers. I think it is absolutely crazy to throw $5 million to a 16-year-old kid. It’s a gamble. You might as well take a hundred dollar bill to Vegas and try to win a million. Mazara is a left-handed outfielder. He is 6’3” 185 lb. The Rangers project he will ‘gain mass’. What does that even mean? He’ll get taller? He’ll fill out more? What that probably means is he will join the rest of the overweight, out-of shape MLB players that can’t hit 80 m.p.h. pitch. He already strikes out a lot in the Dominican league he currently plays in. If the kid does bust, there went $5 mil. Hope your attendance of 1500 people can help you get back some of that money. This kid trying to hit a pitch from Lincecum would be more embarrassing that Ricky Rubio trying to guard Dwayne Wade. Don’t get carried away, NBA and NFL has overpaid busts (e.g. Jamarcus Russel, Alex Smith, Steve Alfred), but at least you know what your getting from a somewhat developed athlete. MLB, please address these issues. Your making it look like Don King is doing a good job with boxing.

I delivered a pizza to a hospital recently and I noticed a gift shop in the main lobby. If I were in the hospital I would not want a souvenir bought from the same place where I was on my deathbed.